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The Center for Urban Transformation (CUT) in Chicago was founded to provide and apply solutions to urban problems that are informed by the principles of environmental and economic justice; ecosystem health, community health, food justice and human rights.

While much of the work of the CUT is centered in the food system where we work with urban farmers, community gardens and backyard gardeners to foster education and cultural change designed to improve the health profile of the communities we work in.

While CUT works in urban food systems we are committed  to working with suburban, rural producers and consumers  in Illinois and throughout the Midwest/Great Lakes region while also working at the national and transnational levels.

However, the CUT will engage in programs and projects that are intersectional and interdisciplinary given our commitment to the principles mentioned above.

Ultimately, the CUT is founded on and devoted to the benefit of all of humanity and ALL beings!

Please feel free to reach out to the CUT to discuss any opportunities for collaboration based upon common organizational principles...

The new Center for Urban Transformation website is rather than under construction it is a fluid and resilient entity that will change periodically to suit the times. The website will produce regular blog posts beginning July 1, 2021, podcasts and more. Podcasts can be found on the site in two categories, one for garden education and the other on various topics of interest. Enjoy!

The CUT works with numerous individual and organizational partners primarily on issues related to health and wellness. Our current emphasis is on ending the health crisis in urban communities revealed in social determinants of health.

To that end much of our work is concerned with improving diet quality and food system injustices. CUT recognizes the importance of other factors such as housing historical, psychological and physical trauma, mental health a healthy band ecologically oriented built environment, and  physical activity to name a few variables in the creation of healthy communities throughout our lifespan.

Stay tuned to this area about various opportunities to work with the CUT, as well as the development of partnerships and collaborations across disciplines.

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